Tuesday, March 30, 2010

lindsay lohan is dead to the magazines

I guess the Summer of Death is still haunting magazines everywhere. They must've really freaked out as person after person died and they didn't have features prepared for them.

Why? Because they've already started preparing obituaries for Lindsay Lohan.

Everyone's been predicting that she's the next to die for a while [and the mysterious white powder on her shoes recently aren't helping], so everyone is making sure they're prepared for the tragedy.


Can you imagine being in your early 20s knowing people think you're going to die soon, so much they've prepared your tributes? First of all, I'd want to see the tribute, then I'd probably have more of a desire to die knowing people would rather prepare such things than help me.

It's like a domino effect waiting to begin... Or maybe it already has. Either way, I feel bad for LiLo, and agree with the mags. I totally used to love her.

In hopes of the obituaries/tributes/whatever not needing to be released anytime soon, let's listen to her latest song.

Hmmm... I don't see it saving her... But still... Fingers crossed!


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