Tuesday, January 19, 2010

watch: where the good football players come from

Just like this video says, most of us don't even know where or what American Samoa is. Turns out it's the place that gives NFL more players than any other place in the US.

60 Minutes did this piece on the area and how they produce all their football players.

Football fan or not, it's an awesome thing to watch. These people live and breathe football, but don't even have the equipment or fields that you'd think it would take to produce quality players.

Yeah... Now I think America is not only prude, but a bunch of greedy, spoiled brats. [And yes, I am absolutely one of them in comparison to these guys.] We should all have to go to places like Samoa to live for a little while to learn how to have a heart... Agreed?

Now I have another kind to add to my checklist....


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