Monday, January 11, 2010

watch: elizabethany FAIL #2

This weekend while going home on the Metro after a girls night out, I decided to take it upon myself to finally try all of the super sweet tricks that the professional pole dancers do.

As you can imagine, it uh... Didn't go so well.

Fail, elizabethany! Epic. FAIL!

I'm still convinced I can do better if given a stationary pole, though. And maybe some training.......


PS: I enjoy these FAIL columns! :) For more, click here!
PPS: Thanks to my McFadden's BFFs for catching it all on tape and supporting my talents... Or lack there of.


Maxie said...

HAHA! The first try wasn't even that bad. kudos, girl

Rex said...

The motion of the metro probably didn't help. Probably didn't help being after a night out either.