Wednesday, January 13, 2010

please help a friend of a friend

I don't do this too often, but tonight I have to. I'm going to talk about something going on in my life... Or rather a good friend's life.

My coworker, who I shall call my devoted BFF, needs some help. She hasn't asked me for it, nor do I think she'll find out I'm doing this. [Thank goodness... She'd probably hit me or grab my boob really hard.] Please read my version of her story.

She's in her early 20s and already solely supporting her family- mom and two little sisters. Her mom doesn't work because she needs to watch the little ones. So, Miss Devoted pays for the bills, food, everything with the money she earns at our restaurant.

Day after day she works doubles, sometimes opening and closing the restaurant. You ask her how she does it, and she simply says she has to.

Now, maybe you're thinking "lots of people have to do this." You're right. There's more to this story.

My devoted BFF has a brain tumor. She works all of these shifts with a constant migraine, but you would never know it. Somehow she hides the pain. The other morning she looked a little dizzy and when I asked her what was up, she told me she had just left radiation/the hospital.

And oh by the way- Apparently this has been happening a lot.

Again- I'm not done. She's paying for her medical bills on top of everything... AKA she has no medical insurance at this point, so her bills are through the roof. Last week she was trying to save $1,000 to get another MRI, but she couldn't do it because she had to send money to her aunt in El Salvador.

To top it all- Today she came into work after spending time in the hospital to let everyone know she couldn't work anymore. The stress and constant working are keeping her from getting any better.

Now I'm done with the story.

I'm not sure what I can do for her through this, but I'm hoping that someway, somehow, I can raise some money for her. I have no idea how she'll be paying all the bills now. I wish I could give her money but uh.. I'm not exactly making money on this here blog.

If you think you could help in any way, may it be monetarily or whatever idea you have, please contact me. I'd love to gather some money for her via PayPal or old fashioned checks. Any amount obviously helps.

Or, if you have any other way to help, whether it be a simple, cheap way for her to get health insurance quickly etc., please let me know that as well.

E-mail me if you're still in the giving mood from the holidays ASAP! --> elizabethanyy[at]gmail. We'll figure something out. And please... Please share with anyone who may be able to help. I know my devoted BFF will appreciate it with all her heart.

Thanks for listening/reading. :)


PS: A lot of people have been emailing information for cancer groups etc... Miss Devoted claims her tumor is benign, but obviously a problem. Then again, do they do radiation for benign tumors?

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