Wednesday, December 9, 2009

watch: jmu flash mob

Another one of my favorite kind of video of 2009! A flash mob!

Or, I guess it was called a flash RAVE at JMU.

It's finals week, but that's not what's on their mind as they head to the library. Instead, thousands of students stormed the library to have a party, crowd surf, dangle from the upper floor, and well... Have a dance party.

As a hater of all Virginia schools [I know, I shouldn't be considering I'm from VA... But for some reason I'm an 100% out of state kinda gal], it's hard for me to do this, but I've gotta give you props, JMU.

This is pretty freakin' sweet. I'm uber jealous that A) I couldn't be a part of such thing [as usual], and B) WVU could never pull anything of the sort off because the popo's would come in and pepper spray everyone within a mile radius.

So congratulations on conducting the year end's best flash mob. That was good. Real good.


PS: I know I have a lot of JMU readers out there, so if you have pictures, stories to tell, etc of the event, please do so!

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Anonymous said...

funny that you say the po po wouldve pepper sprayed yall at wvu bcuz just this past semester ( fall 09) ODU had a flash mob and the police did just that. pepper sprayed everyone , denied it to the news and the news found a video posted by a student that shows the cops deliberately spraying everyone. ha.