Friday, November 13, 2009

exclusive interview: eddie smotkin

It's time for another elizabethany exclusive interview!!

I'm taking it back to the roots with this one. [Meaning hometown heroes.. Or whatever you want to call it.]

My tall, obnoxious, producer BFF apparently produced an album for his friend, Eddie Smotkin. I knew nothing of the sort until after it was all done, but I must say- The kid is good.

He's a white rapper from College Park, Maryland, but he doesn't fit the stereotype at all. [Not that I know what the stereotype would be... I just know he's different, and good.]

If you don't believe me, check out his album, called 5th Year Senior right now. Listen to it all. I did.

Then you can listen to my quick interview and 8 questions with him. He's a funny dude. He has good answers, and he even threw some questions my way! It totally threw me off a little bit, but it was fun! Then, he ditched me for Thirsty Thursday.

So make sure to check out his music and look forward to this winter!

Thank you to Eddie and Teddy... Teeheehee that rhymes.


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Still Not a fan