Wednesday, October 28, 2009

watch: the strongest kid in the world

I always thought my teammates and I were really strong kids growing up in the gym... Then I saw this 5 year-old and realized we were basically nothing.

First of all, he's Romanian. Romanians are crazy about their strength, health, whatever... And they always produce amazing gymnasts at a super young age. I have no idea if this kid does real gymnastics, but if he doesn't, he needs to ASAP.

Anyway, he just got the Guinness World Record for Strongest Kid after doing this handstand walk with a medicine ball.

Absolutely. INSANE!!!

You may think "this isn't that cool" but you have to remember-- HE'S FIVE YEARS OLD!!!!

Wow. He's totally Olympic-bound 2024 if he sticks with it, so remember the name and face!

Giuliano Stroe.


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