Friday, October 2, 2009

watch and listen: chris brown's new single

He's back, my friends!

Chris Brown got online yesterday to live broadcast his new song with Lil Wayne called "I Can Transform Ya."

At the end of the debut, he simply says

“I’m still here, trying to make as much music as possible, while doing the community service at the same time.”

Of course he's going to be making a ton of music. When he comes back, he's gotta come back HUGE to make up for everything this past year.

So check it out here... The "comeback single" I guess:

I like it. I don't know if it's HUGE... But it's good. Hopefully he's got more in his collection.

On another note: I hear he's been all over VCU and their basketball court doing community service and shooting hoops with students. Hmmm... I know a lot of VCU kids... Maybe I could blend in and begin a new eTV series right as FTRWDCC is coming to an end...

Thanks for the personal sneak peek, Chris! I'll see you soon! ;)


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