Tuesday, August 11, 2009

watch: dragged child on a leash

I've always hated child leashes. I think they're absolutely terrible in every way, shape, and form.

Even if your kid is a freakin' wild animal, that's YOUR fault for raising them that way! You should have to deal with the consequences that are chasing them around because they can't stay with you.

Another reason they're not okay is this:

WHAT! Dragging your child on the floor, by a leash, in a public store?!?!

#1-> That's your child and you're DRAGGING them!! WTF!
#2-> Are you a moron?! You're in a public store!

Oh, I'm angry.

She IS being charged with a felony of 1st degree cruelty to children, thank goodness.

It serves ya right, psycho mom. I want to slap you in the face right now.


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