Monday, August 3, 2009

on the racks: lindsay lohan does elle uk

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to the cover of Elle Magazine, and she's going to be there again come September.

The UK version of Elle Magazine spent 7 days with Lindsay getting to know the real her, or something like that. What they found out: She's just looking for someone to love.

Here are just a few of the photos/pages from the article:

Why is she always covering her mouth?! Is someone reading this a body language expert who can tell me what this is supposed to mean?!

It's very erotic almost, isn't it?! Not that LiLo has never done anything of the sort, but she's definitely sexing the camera.

The article says they went to the club one night, and they realized the reason why once they got there: Lindsay almost broke down into a crazy sob-fest once she saw SamRon there.

Poor girl. She's still heartbroken from her first girlfriend...

Snap out of it Lindz. Get back in the game! I miss the old you. [And by old, I obviously mean young.]



Anonymous said...

She does look AMAZING she really knows how to model, and i agree with you she has to move on, shake it off Lindz.

Another David said...

Touching your mouth is generally a symptom of being afraid of something. Babies put things in their mouths to explore their world and for many people having something in their mouth gives them a sense of comfort throughout their entire lives (i.e. stress eating, smoking).

From a less scientific point of view: girls with things in their mouths are hot.