Tuesday, August 18, 2009

octomom is being outdone... big time

Oh my gracious this lady needs some help. Mentally and physically.

We can all officially forget about Octomom. Someone is outdoing her in a major way.

Not by having 9 kids at the same time.. Or even 10... but TWELVE BABIES AT THE SAME TIME.

She lives in Tunisia and thanks to artificial insemination she is pregnant with 12 kids and plans on giving birth to them all, even though the doctors are saying it's not smart.

So basically... This lady wants a lot of attention, and she's willing to put her life, as well as 12 babies' lives on the line for the publicity. Fabulous. I love these kinds of people.

In case you were wondering, her name will be Dodecamom. That's the prefix for 12. I like it because it's ALMOST like Go-Deck-a-mom.

How long do you think this pregnancy will last? Feel free to sound of below, duh.


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