Thursday, July 2, 2009

watch: britney's new video

Britney's got a new video out! It's for her "new" single "Radar." [By "new," her people totally meant from the last album, recycled to the new one, then re-released and finally it's doing alright.]

I'm... Umm... A little disappointed in the video. It's not very Britney-esque, if you ask me, but before I say anything else, take a look for yourself:

Where's the dancing?! Can't we get at least one single dance move?! Where is the craziness on any level?

So we follow Britney around while she creeps on some guy who is on her radar. Uhh, BritBrit, I'm going to need you to do something to get yourself on his radar, too.

Yikes. BritneyFail on this one. Sorry girl.



DOD Summer Intern said...

So are you a budding Perez Hilton for DC, minus the whole gay man thing?

So you asked for things that I, the reader, like and dislike. I like your face. You are a very cute girl. I dislike that you have all that talent and you are spending it on being an entertainment commentator.

But, I don't mean to be crass, I really don't. I'm 20 years old myself, and I know that you don't just waltz into your dream job; you have to earn it. Keep up the good work.

elizabethany said...

I don't know how to find you to comment back, but I just wanted to say thank you!

I hope to be a little more than an entertainment commentator eventually but yes... Everyone has to start somewhere, and as of right now, I love working on this blog.

Caitlin M said...

i'm pissed. this is lame, first of all its lame that she put this on circus when its blackouts song, and then to make it a single. really brit what are you doing. ugh. <3