Tuesday, July 14, 2009

on the racks; miley cyrus does elle

Oh, Miley.

She's all about the controversial photo shoots, isn't she? The latest is her cover shoot for Elle Magazine.

She talks all about how she's not a kid anymore and how she's high fashion and super excited to help the middle-American with her line at WalMart.

Ugh. Miley, just because you're not Hannah Montana anymore doesn't mean you have to force yourself to not be a kid. I'm not trying to have to write up a blog about how you got caught with coke on your way to the abortion clinic after cheating on you boyfriend with a chic.

But, who are you to listen to me, right? Go right ahead.. Take pictures that I'd expect someone double your age to take.

Really, though? Was the thrusting the air [in a ridiculously hideous outfit] necessary?? Probably not. And would it hurt you to smile? The whole I-wanna-try-out-this-sex-kitten-face is not really workin' on ya.. Sorry.

I can hear her rebuttal now... "Oh Bethy, I'm just bein' Miley!"


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