Thursday, July 30, 2009

i spy: craziness

I started this a couple months ago, and I always have the intention of adding a bunch of random things to it, but I haven't.

Then this happened on Facebook a couple of minutes ago, and I found it absolutely necessary to post it.

I spy someone getting called out by their girlfriend!:

Two word: OH SNAP!!! She even posted these pictures to his profile:

This girl got her now ex-boyfriend GOOD! That's how ya do it, ladies! Bahaha.

I spy a homegirl who needs to be on "What Not To Wear":

YIKES! She also needs some buttcrack deodorant, and a new place to dance! A pole is probably necessary, and maybe a street corner.

I spy the coolest dog I have ever seen:

I forget what the lady said it was, but he was just walking around with no leash and totally okay! I want to say he's a terrier or something, but the giant kind. Who knows. All I know is, I was fascinated by him.

Watch out, people. I may spy you! ;)


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