Tuesday, June 23, 2009

rw update: pictures of inside the real world house

Uh ohhh!! I'm getting closer to being inside the Real World DC house!!

Okay, not really... But sort of. In an imagination based way.

My Real World friends with Real World DC News posted these pictures of inside the house! You can't see a whole lot, which is a shame, but it's enough to tease the heck out of you and want to see more!

The first picture is assumed to be the confessional because of the wall and how much it matches the Brooklyn confessional. The second one looks like the wall that I thought would be lining a hot tub, but I was wrong. According to the floor plan, it will actually be home to the love sacs... Or so I assume. It has the DC flag painted onto the wall.

I think it would be pretty neat to have the house decked out in patriotic gear. It'd be different, and it'd be nice to see some country pride on the show. Plus, it would totally fit, duh.

I'm going to the house today to film an episode and check everything out! Hopefully I can get some exclusive goodies for you guys!


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