Thursday, June 11, 2009

moron of the day throws out $1 million

Some people are stupid. This mother/daughter combo is one of a kind.

A daughter thought that she'd surprise her mom by getting her a brand new mattress. She even sent out the old one and set up the new one!

Nice gesture, right? WRONG!

Turns out Mom had her entire life savings stashed in that old mattress that her daughter so kindly threw out. It totaled about 1 million $$.

First of all-- The mother is an idiot for stashing all of her money in a mattress. You never do that. Ever. Second... I hate when people throw my things out, and I don't know why anyone would throw someone else's stuff away. You never know what's goin' on there or what it means to that person. YOU ASK FIRST. Idiot.

Now they're going through all of the dumps looking for this mattress with the money... but NEWSFLASH PEOPLE!! You just told the WORLD what was hiding in that mattress. You're never getting it back.

They made 3 mistakes. 3 strikes, YOU'RE OUT!


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