Tuesday, June 2, 2009

adam lambert is out

Ohh, Rolling Stone Magazine, you totally just got pwn'd. [I'm not really sure how to say that "word," but I know what it means, and I think it fits right now.]

They were racking up all sorts of extra publicity because of the "coming out" article Adam Glambert was going to give them exclusively. He wasn't supposed to be out in public until that article.

Too bad Glambert likes to do things his own way! He went to "Guys and Dolls" last night with his boytoy and came out HOLDING HANDS! Ohh snap!

Woah. Epiphany. Why am I caring so much about how Glambert "officially comes out"?? Everyone already knew he was gay from the pictures all over the internet.

Moving along to more important things-- His boyfriend is kind of hott, and I'm happy for the little Glammy! But seriously, couldn't you have worn pants that you didn't wear for the Idol finale for such a big moment? Gosh.


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John Thrasher said...

I think that him doing this is just a precursor to the story. Yeah holding hands is an obvious signal, but I think it almost makes people even more interested about his boyfriend, and his situation and to read the story. I wouldn't be surprised if Rolling Stone told him to start holding hands in photos or something.