Tuesday, April 28, 2009

yikes: pam anderson is a hott mess

I'm not sure what goes on in people's minds to make them think it's okay to go out in public the way Pam Anderson recently did.

I understand if you're a college student.. Or shoot.. A regular person. Go out in public lookin' like a fool. But if you're on the red carpet for a premiere, I'm going to need you to do something with yourself.

She's got the just-got-done-with-sex hair, bra showing, I-can't-smile-because-I've-messed-with-my-skin-too-much face, and camel toe. Not to mention her body looks atrocious here, too.

She's an icon. [Maybe just because of her bouncing Baywatch boobs, but she is.] She can't be doin' this.

Get help. ASAP, girl.


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