Wednesday, April 1, 2009

this is terrible

Tragic story of the week: A brother kills two of his sisters, and injures another one. 

A 23 year old man attacked his 17 year old sister with a knife. She called 911, but was losing strength quickly, so she handed the phone to her 9 year old sister. 

After the 17 year old died, the 9 year old stood by her side. When the cops came and surrounded the house, the brother began attacking the younger sister with the knife, also. 

As if that is not bad enough, when the cops came into the room, the brother took his 5 year old sister, and decapitated her with a kitchen knife... RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE POLICE OFFICERS!!!!

Oh, and did I mention that their grandmother was just RIGHT DOWNSTAIRS doing laundry while all of this went on?!?!?

My God... This is crazy. Something was obviously wrong with this guy [he has a history of being arrested for getting violent with his sisters and others] but no one ever caught on. 

I can't even imagine how that family is feeling right now. Wow. May those girls rest in peace.


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