Monday, April 6, 2009

OMG moment: train vs. ferrari

So you're driving down the road, and make a wrong turn. You notice you're on train tracks. What do you do?
A) Turn around, ASAP.
B) Get off the tracks and take your car for an off-road adventure.
C) Keep going.
D) Keep going, and call 911 a while later.

Homeboy in Texas chose D, AKA the correct answer. And for picking the right one, he got to watch his FERRARI get pummeled by a train.

Listen to the 911 call... This guy is an absolute idiot.

"There's an oncoming train. I'm gonna get killed. I don't know what to do."
"Get out of the car."
"Oh." Byebye Ferrari.... "Yep. It's gone."

Not that I want people driving drunk, but for his sake, I hope he was. There is no excuse to be turning down train tracks. And when your FERRARI gets hit by a train, saying "Yep, yep... It's stuck" is not exactly the reaction I'd expect.

My goodness. This guy is a MORON. I hope he's enjoying hearing his call over the news, radio, and internet now.


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