Monday, April 20, 2009

newsflash: ryan's not gay

Everyone always says "Ryan Seacrest is so gay," and I've always said no way! He's totally just a) very metrosexual and b) very, VERY busy. How would he ever have time for a girlfriend?!

Well, somehow it looks like he's making time. He's got a GIRLFRIEND!

Name: Jasmine Waltz
Occupation: Bartender/Aspiring Actress
Spotted: All over LA and PARIS!
Together: A couple of months!

I'm super happy for him! She's cute, they look happy, and he can put the rumors to rest. I've always liked the guy. I bet he's a good boyfriend, minus the lack of time. She just better not be using him to get into show-biz. Then we'll have some problems.


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