Thursday, April 23, 2009

the j's kiss it out on the jumbotron

I'm not a fan of the Justin-and-Jessica match up at all. He's basically fallen off the map since she came along, unless someone's talking about how rude they are to fans or people in public.

But.. I'll admit.. This is kinda funny. JT put on a show for the jumbotron cameras at the Lakers/Jazz game Tuesday night. Not only did he kiss her, but he stood up, mounted her, and THEN kissed her.

She looks a little embarrassed, doesn't she? Or, maybe that's just the hater in me coming out... Who knows.

Justin is proud of it though...

"They were playing Sonny & Cher's 'I Got You Babe,'" Timberlake explained. "And we were watching all these sort of elderly people kiss -- it got kind of weird there for a second, I'm not going to lie -- but it was really endearing....they cut to us, and I was not to be undone. So I mounted my girlfriend in front of 18,000 people."

Ohhh Justin. By the way... What are these new glasses? Not sure I'm a fan...


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