Wednesday, April 1, 2009

because you want to know: american idol 040109

**I saved this as a draft, and am just now getting it up because I had to add pictures!! Not because I wanted to change my guesses!**

I'm going to keep this short and simple for this week.

They did "Top Downloads," AKA whatever the H they wanted to do. It could have been an AWESOME show all around, but it wasn't. Not terrible, though.

Here's how I'll break it down by person:

Anoop/"Caught up"--> Creepy.
Kris Allen/"Ain’t No Sunshine”-- Flipping amazing!!
Danny Gokey/“What Hurts the Most”--> Fabulous, as usual
Scott MacIntyre/“Just the Way You Are”--> Uber boring.
Adam Lambert/“Play That Funky Music”--> Definitely good, as expected.
Matt Giraud/“You Found Me”--> GOOD! WAY better than the judges gave credit for!
Allison Iraheta/“Don’t Speak”--> Fantastic.
Megan Joy Corkery/“Turn Your Lights Down Low”--> Get her out! Now!
Lil Rounds/“I Surrender”--> Good, but could have been a better song.

Who should be in the bottom 3:

Who I voted for: [Also my favorites that I'm officially declaring.]

Who should go home:

**Turns out my prediction/wish was right. Megan is OUTTA HEA!!! FINALLY!!! Bottom 3 were Anoop, Megan and Allison. I'm 1-1 now! WOOHOO!**


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