Tuesday, March 10, 2009

what's goin on in the world today

Let's face it... People are crazy. The world is nuts. And there are TONS of interesting things going on, every day, that surprise us. No matter what we've already heard in life.

For instance... Did you know there are nude summer camps throughout the US? Oh wait.. Not just any nude summer camps... They're for kids. Ages 11-18. And no, I'm not lying.

In fact, there are some super close to probably half of my readers' homes... Virginia. Plus Arizona and Florida.

Owners of the camps claim they teach teenagers healthy lessons about accepting their sometimes awkward adolescent bodies.

Well, that may be helpful, I won't lie. Those years ARE hella awkward. But... naked at age 11? In front of lots of others?! I was worried about other girls seeing my sports bra in the PE locker room! Forget walking around NAKED!

Let's pretend you're a cop, and you pull over a lady for speeding through a traffic light. You don't know what's going to happen, but you've had a lot of people give fake names before, and you don't doubt that might happen again.

Then she tells you her name-- Marijuana Pepsi Jackson.

.....Yeah right. The lady's crazy, and she's going with you. Straight to the station. Do not pass Go, do not collect 200$... You're going straight into the insane asylum.

...What's that you say, officer? This is her real, legal name? You've GOT to be kidding.

No, not kidding. This is actually someone's name. Well, it was... Until she switched her last name to Sawyer.

She says her family and best friends grew up calling her "Pepsi," but when teachers took attendance it was definitely awkward.

And as for how her parents came up for the name? One word-- Woodstock. Her mom wanted the name, her dad objected.... But I guess we see who wore the pants in that relationship now, eh?!

All this time I thought MY name was crazy.... Weird.

Some girls have little bit of a "manly figure," if you will... But it's no big deal.. Not really, anyways.

And if they win a couple of extra medals in sports events, yeah, you joke about them being a man, but you never really mean it.

Well, after going through schooling and winning tons of medals, Xiao Nan JUST found out she's a he. Or he's a he. Or... whatever.

He said he always felt confused, and never knew why he was attracted to girls more than guys, but didn't do anything about it. Then, after some tests, they found that his chromosomes show that he's a MALE!

So basically... He has the body of a girl, but is actually a guy.... Wowzers. Not even just a desired sex change, but a legit one.

My thing is... By looking at Mr. Nan..... I feel like I could have been able to tell that before. Maybe that's just me though.

So bottom line-- The world is crazy. Be careful out there, folks. And if you have any doubt in life, go get your X's and Y's checked.


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