Wednesday, March 11, 2009

what the spears sisters are up to

I know you love 'em just as much as me, and I'm sure you're wondering what they're up to [minus BritBrit's vajay slip the other night..], so I'm here to give you a quick snip of Britney and Jamie Lynn.

First of all, Little Spears [who I used to get told I look like... Unfortunately, I don't think that's the case anymore :(] is about to head to the country stage! After having a baby, I guess she thinks it's a good idea to jump on the "'save my career" bandwagon and go country.

She's apparently written some songs, and recorded a few, and plans on taking them around to different record labels in hopes of a deal.

The only thing people have really heard her sing was the theme for her show, Zoey101.. And that wasn't country.

I do think she'll do okay with it, though... I just don't know how welcoming country music people will be to a 17 year old girl who had a baby last June, and has an older sister who's always doin' something crazy.

As for Britney, she finally had time to relax today between shows. She got to lay out in Miami, and head to the stores for some shopping.

She's clearly not worried about her mic-still-on woopsies, and is more focused on showing off her hott bod that people still aren't very used to seeing. [And making awkward faces at the camera.. She doesn't care anymore! She can handle the paps!]

I'm proud of them. They're really learning how to come back from a down time, and they're doin' it well! They got their heads held high and aren't letting anyone stop them now! Some people should definitely take notes.


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