Friday, March 6, 2009

probably not smart

Oh my goodness. This is absolutely crazy.

This 16 year old guy straight BEATS on his bus driver, who is 37, out of NOWHERE.

He just starts talking ish to her, and then beats her, really bad.. WHILE SHE'S DRIVING!.... Because THAT'S always a smart thing to do. Beat on the driver while they're driving.

[It's pretty brutal, so if you're not good with that stuff, don't even bother.]

How come this seems to be a trend right now? Or two trends, really. Between Chris, Rihanna, and this, beating women and hitting drivers is happening 2 times too often. Yikes.

He's being charged with this, obviously, and held in a juvenile detention center at least for a month. He better get some crazy sentence, seriously.


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