Monday, March 2, 2009

off to the next stop

After a weekend [or more] of "vacationing" in Miami, the boxing couple of Rihanna and Chris Brown are onto their next stop: LA.

Chris is scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday.. But the DA says they have yet to receive any evidence or information from investigators, so it is likely to be postponed.

Can you believe "the incident" happened almost a month ago on Feb. 8?! Wow, time flies.

While in Miami, CB finally showed his face, looking plenty happy on his jet ski. He was also in and out of the studio recording his next album.

Hey... No publicity is bad publicity, right?!

I seriously can't wait to hear the whole story. I swear ALL of us will be hit from left field with it.. It'll be nothing we expected/imagined.

Until then, stay happy, young lovers.


PS: I really thought his body was better than it is.. Dang.

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Anonymous said...

HAVE You HEARD????? Chris is charged with 2 felonies and everything he did and said is out. WhAT A JERK!!!! he deserves it and more! Rihanna, youre an idiot if you get back with him. He even threatened to kill her!!!