Thursday, March 12, 2009

meant to live on

I've never been to the Niagara Falls, but I know that if anyone tries to jump off/over/whatever it, they're probably not going to survive.

Apparently, some Canadian man knew that too, and that's why he took the plunge over the Falls.

Thing about it is, though.. He survived! But when a helicopter rescue crew came to save the semi-conscious man, who was clinging to a log, he refused help, trying to run away.

Hmm... Wonder what he was trying to do......... Yikes.

Good news-- They did save him.

The last person to survive was Kirk Jones in 2003, who took the plunge with just himself and the clothes on his back. Before that, Robert Firecracker Overacker [say that 10 times fast!] tried to go over it in a jetski... And survived!

People are crazy. And probably on drugs. They say this latest guy had been drinking vodka and Coke. Oh boy.

Well, I'm glad it all worked out! Or... ended happily, anyways. Let's not have people following in his footsteps.


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