Wednesday, February 18, 2009

quite a fight

Have you ever seen that episode of Full House where Stephanie drives someone's brand new car into the kitchen?

Imagine that happening in real life. Because it did.

Well, sorta. A car drove right into a lady's house after a different car hit it. She had thought they crashed in her yard, until she saw the car chillin' in her home.

That's not all she found, either. She also found the man inside her house, digging through her drawers looking for a knife.

What'd she say to him? "I told him to get out or I'd sort him out."

Sort him out?! The heck.

Anyways, not the end of the story. The man then runs outside, and starts fighting another guy on her doorstep. One of them had a wrench, the other had a hammer.

Who were they? Two different witnesses to a murder trial.

Hmmm... I guess one of them wanted to lie about what happened, eh?! Why else would they fight each other?!

Can you imagine though?! One minute you're sitting on your couch, crocheting a scarf.. The next, you're telling some man you'll sort him out if he doesn't get out of your house that he just drove into!

Woah. What a couple of minutes you had, lady.


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