Wednesday, February 25, 2009

last wish

So you're going to die in a couple months or years because of an inoperable brain tumor. What's your last wish, or what would you want to do?

Maybe go skydiving, or do whatever Tim McGraw tells you to do. Maybe get married like Mandy Moore. Maybe you just want to sit on the couch.

Or.. Maybe... You could spend all of your money on plastic surgery so you can die looking like your favorite celebrity.

That's what 29 year old Lisa Connell wants to do before she dies. Look like Demi Moore. This way, she can "die beautiful."

Hmmm.. So... In your last months... You want to go through a lot of pain and torture, so that you can look good when it doesn't matter? Interesting. That makes sense.

And let's say.. By some miracle.. She does live. I guess she's broke, and looking like someone else. [If it works.]

She'll have to get liposuction, breast enhancement and eyebrow lift, plus work on her skin and teeth to fulfill her dream. AKA.. A lot of work. And who knows if it'll even end up the way she hopes.

Well lady.. I hope it works out for ya. I hope you decide this was the right decision. I'm going to say it's not though.


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Anonymous said...

so whats wrong with her wanting to look like she wants to look like before she dies? at least she knows what she wants,many people will never know what they want even when they are dying. and usually people who criticize plastic surgery are people who where born with pretty features so they don't have much to complain about, a clear example about that was an actress named Eliza Dushku saying shes against plastic surgery,off course,she was born beautiful and based her life on her looks,now that everyone in a very near future will be able to buy those classic features in her nose just going to Dr 90210 then the next generation of good looking people will actually have to work their way up among the smart people. it pretty much sums it up. if you tell me is it worth it to go a trip to the doctor to get that? course it does.