Monday, February 16, 2009

it's not yours

Attention all Facebookers!!

Or.. I guess attention EVERYONE!

Apparently, anything you put on the Face, whether you delete it, delete your account, or whatever, is forever saved and owned by Facebook.

And by the way.. You agreed to this.

....Or, at least this is what the topic of a LOT of conversations today.

It was found in the new, updated terms that users don't control the fate of their content. But now, Facebook is claiming that they would never claim the rights of pictures, etc.

So now, the question is... Who do YOU believe!? Do you trust your stuff being on there? Are you scared? It already runs your life. You can't get anything done ever. You may not get a job thanks to those pictures of you dancing with barely any clothes on, on top of a table. Will they throw the pictures in your face later too, somehow?!

I'm scared. But I've always been scared. And I'm still not deleting anything. I'm an open book, my friends.

I guess we'll find out soon who's telling the truth here, eh?! Another one of thoseeee....


PS: I have a group for all you regular readers/fans on Facebook! Check it out and join NOW! Feel free to leave any comments, requests, loves and hates. :)

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