Monday, February 9, 2009

in case you missed this awkwardness

I feel terrible for having things that need to be put up, but weren't put up in a timely fashion. No good on my part.

BUT, there are still some people who haven't seen the Katie Couric/Lil Wayne interview as part of her Grammy Special. It was quite possibly one of the more awkward interviews/packages you will ever witness. [Unless you saw Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet last night.]

So here it is.. Weezy and Miss Katie: The Interview.

What's the most awkward part about this interview? Because I'm not sure I can pick it out. Katie saying weed? Katie asking him about how much he smokes? Katie pointing out his shiny teeth? Lil Wayne talking about how he's a gangsta? The possibilities are endless and I'm just not sure what the correct answer is, if there even is one.

Little Miss Couric sure has been getting a lot of extra publicity for her interviews in the past couple of months, though. Whether it's her or her subject creating the awkward moments, they sure do provide for some laughs. I love it.

So even though this interview points out your extreme whiteness, Katie.. I thank you, on behalf of everyone for the Entertainment. And no, I don't think we're laughing WITH you right now..


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Unknown said...

She definitely wants him