Thursday, January 15, 2009

the new kind of brawl?

I'm not sure if these guys are sick of just fist fighting, and want to take it to big and better things, or if they're really just huge idiots.

Apparently they though it would be a good idea to find a huge empty parking lot and two cars, probably their most prized possessions, and speed around and do doughnuts and stuff... Because that always ends well.

I'm sure you know what's coming... But check it out anyways.

Is this real?! I mean seriously.. Who would ever think this is smart?! And why aren't their "friends" freaking out more?

Maybe it WAS just some kind of fight, they were avoiding each other in the beginning, not doing doughnuts for fun, and these people paid to see it all go down.

I hope they got enough money from the spectators who were watching, if that's the case.

If not, ya'll are just stupid. Morons. Dumb. Sometimes you should use the ol' noggin.


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