Thursday, December 18, 2008

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Wow.. There are a lot of big things that I would love to talk about going on in the world of sports right now.. So I'm going to.

Plus, if you're not a huge sports fan, you may not know about them.. But they're big enough controversies, and all have their own twist, so that everyone can enjoy them. We all love some good drama and gossip, right?!

First of all, we all have to bid a farewell and R.I.P. to the greatest Redskin of all time, Sammy Baugh. He died tonight at the age of 94 after having many health complications.

He played for the Skins from 1937-1952 as a record setting quarterback. But oh wait, that's not all. He was also a record setting punter AND defensive back. Basically, he was the first to really do the forward pass more than a couple times within a game.. And he also kicked an 85 yard punt.

This guy was good. They don't call him a legend for nothing. Everyone in Washington will certainly miss him. Rest in Peace, Mr. Baugh.

Speaking of the Redskins, middle linebacker London Fletcher is nottt very happy about the Pro Bowl picks.

The guy is arguably the most, and maybe only, reliable player on the team. He's consistently getting important tackles, and it's very evident that he's playing with all of his heart. However, he didn't get voted into this year's Pro Bowl. In fact, he never has. Never in his 11 year career.

He has every right to be upset though, seriously. And not just because he's the best Redskin. He's the leading tackle of the DECADE.. And has never missed a game. He throws up Hall of Fame worthy stats, yet never gets recognized.

The reason he has for it makes a LOT of sense;

"I don't know if it was because I wasn't a first-round draft pick, I don't do some kind of dance when I make a 10-yard tackle, I don't go out and get arrested. I believe in playing the game the way it's supposed to be played. You line up each and every week, each and every play, and you go out and get the job done. You look at my body of work and I've done that for 11 years, but because I'm not going out causing a lot of controversy, holding a private meeting with the coordinator saying this, this and this, causing a lot of strife on my team, I don't garner a lot of attention."
--London Fletcher, Redskins Linebacker

He is ABSOLUTELY correct. He's not going out and shooting himself in the club. Nor is he dating any huge celebrity. He stays under the radar when it comes to the limelight. You'd think it'd be the best thing for him.. But really, it's keeping him out of the game that recognizes the best.. Where he should clearly be.

And seriously, his character is great. He's still handling this well, he's just speaking out about it, as he should. He's not trying to fight anyone.. He's just pointing out that he's "the Susan Lucci of the NFL." [She's the soap opera star that was nominated for an Emmy 18 times before finally winning. He's been an alternate for Hawaii 8 times.]

I feel for ya, London. I voted for you. But that didn't matter. You won among the fans.. For some reason, the big guys don't get it.. Stupid, stupid people.

Okay so since my Redskins aren't stirring up any TROUBLE [minus Moss having to pay a nice fine for wiping off his shoes during the awful Bengals game..], I'm going to tell you about some players who are.

Like NHL player Sean Avery. If you didn't hear, he made a comment earlier this month about fellow players falling in love with his "sloppy seconds." AKA his ex-girlfriend.

Originally, he was suspended from the league. Now, they say he won't be coming back. Apparently it's a "critical time" for him and he needs to take time off..

Yeah, okay.

Honestly, if they're kicking him out of the league.. or his Dallas team, for calling his girlfriend sloppy seconds, that's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Are they serious!? It's his personal life! Yeah, he broadcasted it.. But it's not like he was bad mouthing anyone on his team or whatever. Even if he said other players are doing it, he didn't call out any individual.

Besides the fact that the NHL never gets ANY publicity, and a little scandal can't do anything but help the league get some attention. That's just my opinion, though.

I'm rooting for you, too, Mr. Avery. So what if you called her sloppy seconds?! I don't care. No one should. It's something we all hear every day, and honestly... You could have been a LOT harsher...

Harsh.. I got harsh, for ya. How about a famous baseball player getting SUED by his ex-girlfriend for something he did to her?!

Okay.. This guy deserves it.

Brian Giles is being sued by his ex-girlfriend for $10 million for beating her.. And being the cause of the miscarriage of their baby.

She definitely has a case, too. Surveillance was released that shows her getting hit by the Padres player in a bar.. And even falling to the ground.

Uhhh. Wow. That's NOT okay! And this time, I'm NOT rooting for you, dude. I hope you go down. And have your life ended. How dare you hit your girlfriend... Most ESPECIALLY while she's prego!!!

So there ya go.. Tons of out of control news going on in the sports world.. And I love every second of it! [Well, minus Sammy Baugh.. RIP!]


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