Tuesday, December 23, 2008

weird skills

Ever been to a barber shop where the guy does fancy tricks? The tricks are probably more like sweet designs in your hair or something.. Unlike this guy in Turkey.

He shaves everyone while doing something to "put on a show." Ya know, thinks like balancing on a ball, with his mouth while playing the drums, or.. WITH HIS FEET.

Okay. First of all. Ew. Gross. I do not want anyone's feet coming ANYWHERE near my face. period.

Second. Uhhh.. That all seems a LITTLE unsteady. He has a razor in his hand. What are the chances of him slipping up and SLIT! You're now bleeding your life away.

Third.. Would you rather have a show, or a job well done? I vote job well done.. But maybe that's just me.

As cool as it is that you can do these tricks, save em for the circus, guy. Thanks.


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