Monday, December 8, 2008

naughty girls

If you were planning on going to Disneyland any time soon, I hope you weren't hoping to see any Captain Jack Sparrow lookalikes while you were there.

The park actually fired the four men who played the hottie from "Pirates of the Carribbean."

Why are they walking their own plank?? Apparently the "swashbuckling actors were causing young female parkgoers to flash more than their riggings and yardarms late at night." AKA, when women saw these bare-chested, Johnny Depp lookalikes, they went wild.. Taking their clothes of, yelling things, and whatever else your imagination might lead you to believe.


So, when they took these guys out of the park, they replaced them with none other than TINKERBELL. Yeah, they added a couple pixie fairies to promote the new "Tinkerbell" movie. We're [females, duh] taking over!

I don't think it's okay that they took out Capt. Sparrow.. But it's also not okay to have women flashing their goodies for DISNEY lovers to see. Keep it G-rated, ladies! Goodness...


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