Tuesday, December 9, 2008

best of both worlds

Ohhh my goodness!!

Two of my FAVORITE girls are going to be together, on one show, at the same time!!

I give you two guesses on who they are. AKA You get NO wrong guesses.

Britney. Duh. And Ellen. Duh.

Seriously.. Britney is going to be on ELLEN on December 16!! A week from tomorrow! But they've already shot some of the show, and apparently they're going caroling!

I don't need to say it again. But I'm gonna. Britney looks great. And I'm super pumped to see this. YES!!! Almost all of my dreams have come true.

Now all that needs to happen is Ellen needs to call me up [like she is right now to someone else as I watch a rerun] and tell me she's flying me out to the show. Ahh. I think I'd fall over.

Please, Ellen!?


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