Sunday, December 14, 2008


11 days 'til Christmas, guys!!!

Did you get your tree? Is it decorated? Are all of your decorations out?!

Most importantly.. Are your lights up and turned on?!?!

Ours are!!! My dad does a really cool thing with ours where he makes a "Santa trail" from the roof of our house to the sky... That way Santa knows where to come first, duh! ;) Check it out-->

He's done it for a while, and it's the ONLY cool thing about our entire light display [The rest is super lame], but everyone on the street says they look forward to seeing them every year.

BUT, no bragging here. Especially when there are houses that spend literally all year getting ready to put theirs up. Like the "Christmas in Kent" house. They set it all to music and have all kinds of gadgets! Check it out-->

And I think you guys think I'm joking when I say tell me___ or whatever, but if you have any really great pictures of Christmas lights, or want to share what your family does, please feel free to do so! :)


PS: My number 1 helper shared this video with me tonight.. Check it outtt! [Thanks Milf!!]

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Anonymous said...

aww i can't wait to come home and see the pretty lights! i always love santas trail! haha any idea if my parents decorated or not? they are rarely there. i'll be realll mad if they didn!