Monday, November 3, 2008

morons on monday 110308

Halloween certainly brings out some crazy people, eh?!
Here are two morons stories for you today.. And they're great ones. :)

When it's Halloween, you think you can be disguised as a statue and go trick or treating, something is wrong with you. When you then get hammered, drive drunk, crash into a wall, then get a DUI.. your mug shot is going to look like this:

[yes, this is a completely true story, straight from Las Vegas, of course.]

Imagine: You're running away from the police, driving your car, DRUNK, and there's a train sitting on the tracks at a nearby intersection.
Do you:
a) Stop, get out, and run like the dickens.
b) Come up with a way around the train.
c) Drive straight into the stopped train, get out, and "hide" in a nearby hotel.

Yea, some idiot chose option c.

Ahh, the things people do when they're drunk, eh?!

Know your limit, people! ;)


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