Monday, October 13, 2008

wait no more

Everyone has been anticipating the "intimate" photos of Angelina Jolie that W Magazine has been promoting for quite some time.

The magazine worked with Jolie and her husband Mr. Brad Pitt to produce "One Week: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie" which is finally out.

The once hottest guy on the planet (I say not any longer because I'm team Aniston. But I also think that the world changed their mind as well... probably just because there are other hotties running around Hollywood now) gave the magazine pictures that he had of his wife. The combination of these photos and the story of their lives within one week is supposed to show the world how they're a "normal" family.

OK, let's be honest. I hardly think they are anywhere near normal. And I'm kinda disappointed with the "intimacy" I see. I thought they'd be the kind of pictures where you hold your arm out or something. They still look VERY professionally done. Some of these pictures are nice to see, though. I feel like I only see her looking very stiff.

A lot of the pictures are on W's website, but to get all of them, we gotta head to the newsstands. :(

Nice job building up lots of anticipation, W Magazine!


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