Wednesday, October 29, 2008

update: JHud's tragedy

So, her nephew's body was identified, and the autopsy showed that he died from 2 gunshot wounds to the head.... :(

Now, they think someone else was involved besides Jennifer's sister Julia's ex-husband and father of Julian. They think he had help driving his car around, etc.

But get this.. William Balfour, who's in for questioning, has quite the history. In fact, he violated his parole in June, which he was on for attempted murder back in 1999, for having cocaine on him. Had the police decided to revoke his parole back in June, he wouldn't have been around for this to happen. He also hasn't completed his required substance abuse or anger management counseling.. And he's reportedly in some really violent gang called Gangster Disciples. OH! And did I mention his dad is currently in jail for 30 years for murder, and his brother is in for drug dealing?! Sounds like quite the family, eh?!

There's lots more information here, as well as some videos too.. All the celebs helping Jennifer out such as Nelly, Ashanti, American Idol colleagues, Sex and the City costars, etc.

We're still thinkin about ya, Jennifer!


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