Tuesday, October 14, 2008

tunes on tuesday 101408

I planned on making this week's "Tunes on Tuesday" [catchy, right? I just thought of it.. :-P] completely dedicated to Woodbridge/Northern VA up-n-comers. I guess I will post-pone that til next week thanks to the lack of being able to get ahold of some people. ;)

First up: Pink--> Sober

I think this song [which is her second single from her latest album] is very different for Pink, but I'm not complaining. At first I was a little unsure, but it's another one of those you have to warm up to. I'm a little confused on what it's really about. Is it actually a love song from Pink? Or is she talking about drugs, and coming down from them? Hmmm. Either way, I enjoy.

Next: Montana Tucker ft. Flo Rida--> Turn It Up

First of all, who is Montana Tucker? I had no idea what to expect when I heard this. I was wondering if it was some country singer or something! Sounds like it, right? Anyways, no wonder I haven't heard of her before, she sounds terrible! She sounds very disney-star-turned-singer. Apparently she's some amazing dancer. I'll have to check some stuff out because her singing is not up to par for me. The song could be good, but I'm sick of computerized voices.

How 'bout Ace of Base--> Wheel of Fortune 2009

ACE OF BASE IS BACK?! CAN IT BE TRUE?! I was pumped when I saw this, since they were the first album I ever bought back in the day. I am let down, though. I'm not saying it's a bad song necessarily, but it's VERY European, and I don't see it working here. Maybe out at some clubs, but definitely not radio. But who knows, I could be wrong. It's being released to promote their Greatest Hits album worldwide, which explains the not-exactly-American aspect.

and Brutha ft. Fabolous--> Can't Hear the Music

The new group called Brutha just received my seal of approval. This is a fun, but pretty song! Their voices are great! [They might be giving Day26 a run for their money real quick!] They're even coming out with their own show called "My Brother's Keeper" on BET in November, and their music video premieres TOMORROW so I'll be sure to get that for everyone. I think we oughtta keep an eye on these guys.

Finally, I'm going to give you one NoVA-nator, as I'd like to call those kids from Northern Virginia.
This is Duke Nice/GP/John Mayer--> Neon Mix


This guy, Duke Nice, went to my high school and has been working really hard ever since with this music thing. He's grown a lot, and he's only going to get better. As of October 25 he'll have a new site up so that everyone can check out what he's been working on. It's something different, something anyone and everyone can enjoy. They took "one of their favorite John Mayer songs" and remixed it to turn it into a great vibe of a song. I advise you check it out. :)

That is all for today! Hope you enjoy!

Also, quick poll: How many readers want to hear more country songs/stories/news etc.?

If you're from NoVA and want me to put up a song next week, let me know!


PS: Shouts to THF once again for providing me with my list of songs. ;)

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