Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the truth is out

Remember when A.Rod and Madonna "weren't" having a sex affair?

A.Rod's marriage was ended, but Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie swore there was nothing wrong with their relationship, and nothing was going on with the baseball star and queen of pop.

Welp, looks like there WAS something wrong with the almost-8-year-old marriage because as of today, they're calling it quits.

Reps of the couple announced today that they are getting a divorce.

Hmmm, the truth ALWAYS comes out, guys. Why hide it? Pretty soon Madonna and A.Rod are going to be seen all over town together, making out, and maybe even making sex tapes, right?! And then we'll hear, "this is new, nothing was going on before."

Yea, okay.

Sorry to hear it, though. It's never a fun time, but maybe next time you shouldn't cheat!


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