Friday, October 3, 2008

sunday, monday, happy days!

WHOOO remembers the ever so wonderful days of Nickelodeon with shows like Clarissa Explains It All and Alex Mack?!

Okay, WHOOO remembered Nick at Nite back then?! It definitely included the ever so great "Happy Days" that we all LOVE, miss, remember, whatever.

Does anyone know what those characters look like now??

Go here and you'll find out!!!

I totally recognized some of these people when I saw them in movies/whatever.. but I never knew why until now. It's crazy!! And some of them TOTALLY disappeared off the face of the planet. But it's still definitely interesting. And RIP to those no longer here...

But Nickelodeon, can you get your ish together please and get Nick at Nite back on the right track? George Lopez just isn't cuttin it for me...


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