Monday, October 13, 2008

my football tirade

I got hooked on Peter King's "Monday Morning Quarterback" last week, and now I think I'm going to have my own rants on Mondays or Tuesdays..

First of all, yes, my beloved Washington Redskins lost, to an 0-4 team, I can't sing "Hail to the..," so I won't.

I shall start with the fact that Mr. King has GOT to be a huge Dallas fan. Not because he's hating on us, or lovin' on them (well okay, it's sorta because of that..), but simply because of what and how he says things.

The whole first article deals with "Storm Clouds Approaching Dallas." This is true. Romo is out for up to 4 weeks (so 3 games, and putting him back just in time for FedEx Field) and Adam Jones might be suspended. Yea okay, things might not be looking too sunny for the Cowboys. Later, one of his "thoughts" is simply "Can you believe the Dallas Cowboys, right now, are arguably the worst team in the NFC East?"

Hm. I don't understand why that might be the case.. As a Skins fan, of course I'd LOVE to say HAHA DALLAS IS IN LAST PLACE, but they're not. And I don't think they can "arguably be" either. Yea, Philly had a blowout win this weekend, but I don't know if I'd say they're better than Dallas.

But to be honest, now that I try, I don't know how I'd rank the division. The NFC East is damn good. There's no denying it, and we won't know who's really going to be the best until the playoffs are here, I guess. Hmph.

On to Mr. King's rankings.. Giants, Titans, Steelers, Colts, Buccs, Skins, Eagles, Cowboys.. blah blah blah.

Yes, the Giants have won 4 in a row to start the season, but I'm a hater and I don't think they have proven enough to be ahead of the Titans, who have won 5.. but check back with me after tonight's game. The Colts are 3-2.. and just because they WHOOPED the Ravens, I don't know that they're quite #4 yet. As for the final 3 in that list.. I've already said how I feel.

Of course Peter touches on Portis blaming the media for our loss because they hyped them up too much. I SO badly want to say I told ya so right here, because I did. I called it. I said we couldn't get too much hype or else we'd go in cocky and lose.. and look what happened. And maybe I can still say that, maybe I can say the hype is what made us fumble the ball 3 times, but I won't. The truth is, we had ZERO turnovers before yesterday.. and when we did it once, they kept coming, and THAT is why we lost.. unfortunately. And because of that crazy tipped, caught, fumbled, ran back for a touchdown play. Ugh.

On my own note, I want to say that I think it is awesome the Buffalo Bills are on top of their division right now. A couple of my greatest friends are Bills fans, and always told me the hardships of being one, so I've always secretly rooted for them. They're 4-1 right now, creeping on top of the Pats, and returning from a bye week next week to play the Chargers, where they definitely have a chance. I just think it'd be nice to see them go far, but enough of my feel good story of the day. :-P

So, not too many bones to pick with you today, Peter King, and hopefully I have a couple more of you reading today since I didn't only focus on Washington. :)

Let's go Browns!!... ;)


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