Monday, October 13, 2008

morons on monday 101308

Some people are just not quite there.. Like these:

When you're driving drunk, and you want some McDonalds, the drive-thru might seem like a good idea. Just remember, you're not actually supposed to drive THROUGH the place..

For all you knitters out there, feel free to slash everyone's tires. Nothing is going to happen. Well, you might have to knit a bunch of things for your victims, but it's what you love doing anyways, right?!

If you get in a fight over 5$.. I don't advise you to grab a vacuum to beat the other person. I mean, you COULD.. if you wanted 10 years in jail. I think I'll pass.

Spam emails are a time of the past. Now, it's all about spam texting.. but question: If you get a text from the government that says if you get a dragon tattoo on your face you can get a job, do you believe it? If you do, you'll probably be stuck with some crazy tattoo for the rest of your life. No thanks.

These people need help when making decisions.. Clearly the devil/angel on their shoulders aren't doing the right jobs.

Just another day of morons in the news for ya!


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