Thursday, September 25, 2008

a "wicked" show for josh and the roommates

[This post written on September 25, 2009]

I love when I witness something with the cast that I have no doubt in my mind will be an episode. It's just cool to try and imagine what the episode will be like. The truth is- It's impossible to predict how it will come out.

Anyway, Josh's band, Wicked Liquid, performed at Rock N Roll Hotel with The Politicks and Once, Okay Twice. All of them were pretty freakin' good, and I must admit... Josh totally surprised me- in a good way.

  • Every roommate was in attendance, and it seemed like they all had a guest:
  • Andrew had his girlfriend Andrea with him. As always, they were hugging and kissing on each other all night. It was cute, though... Not obnoxious. It's interesting to see him tied up and not mingling anymore!
  • Adam, AKA "Guest", also showed up again. Ashley [who was wearing a super cute dress that I'm in love with] didn't seem to be too thrilled, but he must have become a friend of everyone in the house because he was interlocked with the gang all night.
  • Kelly Ann Collins was in attendance just as expected. She didn't seem to be only there with Josh.. She seemed like just another roommate or something. I guess she's a regular!
  • Emily was with a blonde girl all night. I'm not sure what the connection is here, whether it's friends or more than that, but they were definitely side by side for most of the night.

There were more people with the housemates, but it's impossible to tell who was with who besides that. It was as if the cast DOUBLED in size overnight!

Cameras were EVERYWHERE! Not that I didn't expect them to be, but woah. I don't have any idea how they didn't get each other in their shots. There was also production crew everywhere, and even my favorite security guard was there!! [He laughs whenever he sees me, it's great. He knows what's up, and he thinks it's funny. He's had to deal with me since day 1- the fake move-in day.]

Once Josh took the stage, the crowd loosened up, made their way toward the stage, and danced to his whole set. They did a lot of cover-songs, but there were a couple originals in the mix, too. Everyone seemed to love every bit of it, especially the cast and friends.

At one point, Josh pulled two girls onto the stage to dance with him for a bit while performing. I have no idea who the first one was. I feel like I've seen her at Rhino or somewhere before, but who knows what that means. The second girl was Andrea, Andrew's girlfriend. She was definitely feelin' the music... And maybe the drinks too.

After everything was over, everyone cleared out pretty quick. On the way out, Ty decided to do a backflip on his own this time. It.. Ummm... Didn't turn out too well, to say the least. He ended up looking like a pancake on his stomach in front of everyone there. It's okay, though- It was funny, and everyone laughed, including him.

Lance helped him get back up, they went outside, and Ty did it again. This time, in the streets, and he landed it! As a gymnast, I can say it was beautiful. Good work, Ty. Good recovery.

At this point, it was only 12:15, but it felt way later. Everyone dispersed and either went back to the house, or over to Rhino for a little bit of an after party before it was time to head home for curfew.

  • So, going back to how I used to do things, here are some lessons learned:
  • It's not "8 strangers picked to live in a house." First of all, one is gone. Second- the number nearly doubles when you consider all of the "cast members" that get added in thanks to relationships.
  • Once you're in with the roommates, no matter if your relationship with one ends or not, you're still okay to hang out with the rest.
  • When you're in a place that's uber public and lots of people are taking pictures, it's really easy to get great pictures and footage, even if the production crew give you the death stare all night. [I'm pretty sure one lady's sole job is to give me a death stare and never stop.]

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Anonymous said...

Um, you're not a gymnast. You're a fat has-been that was never too great to begin with. When did you get too fat to progress? Like level 8? Yeah.