Thursday, September 25, 2008

he's a writer, too!

So, Lil Wayne is doing more than just writing songs..

Now, ESPN is giving him the chance to write a sports blog for their magazine.

Apparently he's a HUGE sports fan.. and doesn't watch or read about anything but sports.. so he talks a little football in the beginning.

Then he goes on to talk about how he used to play fullback growing up... and how he would tackle everyone or run through the piles without them knowing and score a touchdown. Interesting.. the man ALWAYS ends up on top, eh?!

Also interesting--> he's a big fan of... tennis?!? Hm, apparently so.

What I find the most.. eh.. surprising, interesting, whatever you wanna call it, is how he talks. For the most part, minus some stupid grammar errors that we ALL make when we're talking, his writing is great! He's definitely a smart guy.. hmph.

Mr. Carter, I think we can officially say that you are literally EVERYWHERE now that this is out in the sports world.. and I can't wait to read more. :)


PS: Thanks to Bdot for pointing this out on Thoughts of Dots :)

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