Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my poor girl

So, today is the release of Britney's mom's tell-all book Through the Storm..

Apparently she talks about how hurt she was when Britney was going through her.... hard times.. if you will.. and that she felt "punched in the stomach" when Jamie Lynn became prego.

On top of it all.. she reveals that BritBrit lost her virginity when she was FOURTEEN! AND!!! She says that my girl started drinking at 13, and doing drugs at 15.


I'm pissed.

I wanna know how a MOTHER can throw her daughter under the bus like that!! ESPECIALLY when she's JUST getting over everything she has gone through. Now you wanna tell the world about all the wrong she has done in her life and how she misled every little girl who always looked up to her? (Okay, maybe a lot of people already gave up on that..)

Britney said recently that the relationship with her mother was good again.. but I can't see it staying so great for very much longer.. Britney is only gonna get hounded even more. I just hope she can still keep it all together. :)

And Ms. Lynn "Mama" Spears.. I'm gonna need you to be a real mother for once in your life. Because apparently, YOU raised your kids. Not anyone else. And now you're throwing THEM out on the curb..


PS--> NEW Britney album comes out December 2nd!! Her 27th birthday!! GET PUMPED!

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