Tuesday, September 23, 2008

killin the ladies, not the cowboys

Sorry, ladies... Our beloved #55 Jason Taylor is not going to be playing against the Cowboys this week. :(

Apparently he injured his calf against the Cardinals during the second quarter and thought it was fine.. until it swelled up and doctors said he had to go under emergency medical procedures to repair it.. oh no!

Jim Zorn says he'll definitely be out this week, but beyond that he doesn't know.
He also admits that it's going to hurt the skins, but it leaves opportunities for the next guy.. how nice.

Get better, Jason! Ladies everywhere also need something to drool over on Sundays as their husbands sit in front of the TV all day. ;)


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Lenci B. said...

Let me just say that regardless of how sexy Jason Taylor is (and he is a fine piece of God's work), even with his talented self on the field, the Cowboys will still dominate! So get ready to cry Elizabethany, there will be a smack down come Sunday.

To Jason: Feel better baby ♥ I know watching your team lose isn't going to feel any better with your injury.


Lenci B.